Rebellion links and synopses: The Starter Pack

Let me make it easy to find all of my published work.

(Warning: Spoilers.)

I strongly suggest using Smashwords rather than ‘zon. It’s not that I get paid better from Smashwords (though I do), it’s that .epub is a better format. (For details why, go here: Rien’s Rebellion – Tech Specs ) Also, .epub works far better in Apple Books, which is a superior reader app.

Rien’s Rebellion: Kingdom

Once upon a time, a nations fate depended on an informant, a lawyer, and a warrior.

They all lived under a good Monarchs leadership. 

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Writing in the Dark: navigating creativity in the anxiety/depression/insomnia/trauma cycle

Originally a Twitter thread in 2019. Some additions and clean-up, and updating.

I keep lists of my DNF (did not finish) reads. I noted a pattern forming in the last three months and it’s got me thinking, but as usual, please consider it a workshop piece, a first draft.

We’re creatives. We tend to be well tuned to the feelings of others. For the past decade, there’s been a whole WHACK of a lot of despair, pain, frustration, war, trauma & general hardship. That gets into our heads & our work.

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Preview: Time’s Ashes

Available on November 14, 2023 from fine ebook retailers everywhere.

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27-28 Fervenis, 1140 – The Battle of Cimenarum

Lisel dat Peralts

I closed my eyes and pressed hard on the folded bandage, the only thing keeping this archer’s blood in her body. The wound was too high for a tourniquet. She had a bad break in her other leg, but it was below her knee and not through her skin.

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Time’s Ashes — The Hellions Book One lands on November 14, 2023

Far too long delayed, and thank you for your patience!

Cover for Time’s Ashes – a pocket watch on fire on a black background

The war for Galantier was not as simple as a successful siege. Now a year and a half into Cazerien’s reign, her people are reckoning with new and old scars and crimes. The corruption that almost broke the nation must be excised if Galantier can heal.

For Lisel, her role in the Courtesans’ Guild brings satisfaction and doubt. The women she is charged to protect grow ever more vulnerable as Cimenarum rebuilds, and their needs expose a flaw in the Guild’s foundation.

The Rebellion let Vaish build himself a family for the first time since his relatives stole everyone and everything he loved. But his duties leading the New Metropolitans came with walls, and long-buried conflicts have surfaced.

Mai came to the city to finish law school amongst her mentors and friends, and because she loves Harli. She knew it would be tough, but a farm girl from the North couldn’t anticipate all of the challenges her two great loves will bring her.

The Lethians nearly killed Harli at Tiwendar. Galantier’s Healers managed to put him back together… mostly. But Healing can’t fix trauma, and the Ministry of Women and Children need him. And he needs Mai.

Four friends — a found family — and a city in dire need of the restitution the Rebellion promised must reckon with the rot that caused the war.

A preview of The Hellions is now available.

Nope, not on Facebook, Insta, or Threads (or any Meta product)

Never gonna be.

1) Whatever good will they might have had from me at one time has been so throughly abused and squandered that it’s not happening.

2) I made that decision a WHILE back, deleted accounts, walked away.

3) Even if I was willing to try, it’s where people I deeply dislike do their social media-ing, and thanks, no.

4) Given this article, (gift link) ? It’s all algorithm driven, so there’s very little user control of the content they see. Since that’s the thing people have been asking for from the beginning from every provider (let me control my account), and since this is how Meta is starting this? They are never going to change.

5) They started as a way to abuse women. They abused people with clicky games. They abused people with psych experiments. They’ve abused the privacy of people who have never even signed up for an account. So much media manipulation. I do not know how to express how repeatedly and reproducibly evil they are, and how incapable of change they are.

6) The only winning game is not to play.

Team #FeedBabies: Breast-feeding & Formula Thread

July 9, 2018: A twitter thread With minor edits to fix typos or phrasing that 280 characters made unclear.
(2022 note: I use moms, women, and breastfeeding in this piece because the majority of existing legislation and proposed legislation is based on biological determinism and does not recognize non-binary and trans parents who have given birth. I see you, I recognize you, you are valuable.)

Trigger Warning: A thread on the commodification and conscription of women’s bodies. You’ve been warned. Exploring relationships between childbearing, work, coercive control, breast feeding, formula, gig economies, capitalist exploitation, colonialism and colonialist paternalism…

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