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So, yes, I’m a moron when it comes to DIY. Having done my grandmother’s kitchen, it was time to do my own.

Mission Statement for this Project:

Replace about half of the existing cabinetry and countertops for better functionality. Rehabilitate the rest of the cabinetry for updated look and durability. Replace backsplash, sink, faucet. Remove useless laundry sink. Make better use of vertical space. Increase storage. Improve functionality. Improve lighting. Stay under $3000 budget. Reuse and recycle materials. Use most ecologically responsible methods while building for sustainability and long-term use. Change kitchen from right-handed orientation to left-handed orientation.

List of Materials, Fixtures, Appliances, etc.

Physical structure: 2001 modular house. Stock cabinets built at construction from luan, pine, MDF and oak frames. PEX inbound plumbing; natural gas.

Countertops: Lagan butcherblock and existing with Giani granite treatment

Frames: existing and Akurum; Akurum legs, Perfekt toe kicks in gloss grey

Doors: existing and Applad Black (now discontinued)

Paint: Benjamin Moore Twilight Zone (black, 2127-10) Fusion (grey, AF-675), Pomegranate (red, AF-295) mixed in semi-gloss Eco-Spec base.

Door/Drawer hardware: Bygel rails (on drawer fronts larger than 24 inches), Attest (on drawer fronts between 12 and 18 inches) Kosing (on vertical doors). Attest and Kosing backed by steel fender washers to visually tie in with Bygel rails.

Appliances: existing. Whirlpool range, fridge, dishwasher, disposal; LG microwave.

Lighting: Ottava pendant (above sink) Dioder LEDs (under cabinets) Hampton Bay ceiling fan and track system (from Home Despot.)

Sink: reuse stainless from Habitat for Humanity shop

Faucet: ebay.

Flooring: existing

Window treatments: Isdan roller blinds, frosted glass paint, metallic tape

Trim: Aluminum angle and aluminum sheet

Backsplash: recycled glass mosaic tile, recycled glass (from a local glass shop), recycled matte white and grey 4.125 inch ceramic tile.