Archive: My Threes

Archive: originally posted 10/10/2010 on Facebook.

Three Names I have been called

1. The Nickname That Shall Not Be Uttered by Anyone Under 90 If Said Person Wishes a Response and To Keep Zer Kneecaps Attached.

2. Suzanna

3. Darling


Three Jobs I have had*

1. Shrink

2. Web Developer

3. Tech Writer

*Because I really did block out the ones before that. I can’t recall them AT ALL.


Three Places I have lived

1. Mexico, IN (Just north of Peru… and Chile. Seriously.)

2. Thousand Oaks, CA (Not that I ever personally counted.)

3. Port Charlotte, FL (Which sounds like a dessert.)


Three TV Shows that I watch**

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2. Dr Who

3. Rome

** We don’t actually have television. I only watch what’s available on DVD or iTunes.


Three places I have been

1. Pike’s Peak, CO

2. Golden Gate

3. Provo, Utah (Don’t ask.)


Three of my favorite foods

1. Hatch chiles

2. green chile tamales

3. Lamb saag with extra spice (I think I see a theme here…)


Three friends I think will respond

1. Erin

2. Mark

3. Jae


Three things I am looking forward to in the near future.

1. Figuring out why my cat yowls at 11:23 every morning like demons are ripping her lungs out through her nose. (The question didn’t say I had to have an expectation of success, just anticipation.) (And yes, she’s fine. Neurotic as hell, but fine.)

2.Seeing The Time Traveler’s Wife (I loved the book, but IMDB says there’s not so much punk on the soundtrack… Coldplay… no. Lifehouse? Really no. Joy Division… sorta. Probaby a marketing decision, so they wouldn’t scare off the straights. Am taking bets about the Capitalist Mindfuck game…).

3. Dancing.


Three things I want to do that have yet to be done.

1. See Angkor Wat with my own personal eyeballs.

2. Restore the farmhouse (see above, re: the expectations of success)

3. Sell this fershlugginer book.

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