Artifacts of Affection (CH7)

Chapter Seven

The meal progressed as all intimate celebratory meals do, with laughter and cheer, and much lingering over the courses. There were a few tears, as there had been at previous graduations when Andrew Halivand had been missed; but joy salved the wound. The early mosquitoes and the clock drove the party indoors, and Olivia went upstairs to change into practical clothing.

When she came down, Rebecca was shaking Avery’s hand, and saying, “Thank you for attending to us so well, Mr. Godwin. Please consider yourself welcome here any time you please.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Halivand. You’ve been a wonderful hostess, and have delighted my poor, travel-stained soul.”

“What about us?” Susannah demanded mockingly. “Mom may hold title on the property, but we do the work around here!”

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Artifacts of Affection (CH6)

Chapter Six

“He likes you,” Corrine said, standing before the bathroom sink, cleaning her face and teeth.

Olivia soaked in the old iron bathtub with the navy curtain drawn round it so Corrine couldn’t see her expressions. “That’s nice,” she finally said around splashing her wash cloth idly.

“That’s nice?” Corrine stamped her foot. “Nice is all you can say about it? He’s … well… he’s great for you! He’s not exactly hot, and he’s criminally ignorant of the arts and kind of single-minded about science, but you like geeks, and he’s a nice one.”

“I think you give him too little credit,” Olivia said. “He’s really smart, and I think he’s lovely. Just because he doesn’t know opera doesn’t mean he’s not well-rounded. We had a wonderful talk about architecture a couple of days ago.”

“So you do like him?” Corrine peeked in.

“I appreciate his friendship, but he’s off limits.”

Corrine huffed. “What crap, Olivia. By what standards? Who has the right to stand in the way of love and happiness?”

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