Rien’s Rebellion 16 -Glacilis 1138 Ragin


5-30 Glacilis, 1138

I can’t say I was pleased with the political situation, but in this, I had to concede to Rien — she knew those old men better than I did. I certainly didn’t like her camping in a townhouse with just Avah, but I spent most nights there, and someone was always present — Ethene, the Kurzons and their children, Meri and Bastian diat Linschot. Rien wasn’t happy, but she steadily improved and to my knowledge, her notion of making my parent think her insignificant seemed to work. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 16 -Glacilis 1138 Ragin”

Rien’s Rebellion 15 – 5 Glacilis 1138 Rien


5 Glacilis 1138



The Prava returned to the matters at hand after the coronation, but on the day I left off official mourning, thirty-five days after Da’s death, I found I lacked the next proposal after we completed the annual grain distribution. I only heard the Optimus read the title, “Marriage and family status of Galantieran nobility.”

It wasn’t among my papers. Either Avah had misfiled the proposal — unlikely — or she never received it.  

“In a joint proposal,” the Optimus read, “Teregenis Viteren, Bastiari and Zorian submit that in the interest of the nation, the requirements of the Pantheon Proclamation of 141 be reaffirmed by the Prava and all who serve Galantier. They submit that all Teregenis seated and prospective be held to the standards regarding legitimacy and faith as established by Razin Argen and Razia Doromina, specifically section three of the Proclamation. They submit that in the interest of Galantier, no illegitimate person shall retain the rights and privileges of Teregenis, nor shall illegitimate progeny of the Teregenis or their children be permitted into the succession of the various houses.” Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 15 – 5 Glacilis 1138 Rien”