In Defense of Constructed Language

(Originally posted on in January, 2019)

Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
Voice Over Internet Protocol
Digital Subscriber Line

Those six concepts all entered into the English language to describe new concepts as they were needed. That’s what English does, and what all languages do, because the human experience that we share develops new ideas all the time, and better ways to describe them.

(I SWEAR there’s a DAMN good reason Galantier has a deeply constructed internal language. I just can’t tell you why. You’ll figure it out. It’s worth the work.)

Any sort of speculative fiction will have some constructed language, because if it doesn’t, it might as well be AU coffee shop fanfic of the modern world (which I’m not knocking). World building means setting up new concepts, new modes of communication, new ideas.

If a reader can’t cope with a con-lang, that’s on the reader. REALLY. Because if that reader has problems gathering enough context to cope with a con-lang, they’re also going to have context issues with classic fiction, period lit and almost anything that’s not specifically brand new and targeted right at them. That’s a reading comprehension issue or an attention issue.