The Hellions – Next in Galantier

As of January, 2022, Hellions has been delayed to end of 2022. It’s a holiday novel.

The war for Galantier was not as simple as a successful siege. Now a year and a half into Cazerien’s reign, her people are reckoning with new and old scars and crimes. The corruption that almost broke the nation must be excised if Galantier can heal.

For Lisel, her role in the Courtesans’ Guild brings satisfaction and doubt. The women she is charged to protect grow ever more vulnerable as Cimenarum rebuilds, and their needs expose a flaw in the Guild’s foundation.

The Rebellion let Vaish build himself a family for the first time since his relatives stole everyone and everything he loved. But his duties leading the New Metropolitans came with walls, and long-buried conflicts have surfaced.

Mai came to the city to finish law school amongst her mentors and friends, and because she loves Harli. She knew it would be tough, but a farm girl from the North couldn’t anticipate all of the challenges her two great loves will bring her.

The Lethians nearly killed Harli at Tiwendar. Galantier’s Healers managed to put him back together… mostly. But Healing can’t fix trauma, and the Ministry of Women and Children need him. And he needs Mai.

Four friends — a found family — and a city in dire need of the restitution the Rebellion promised must reckon with the rot that caused the war.

A preview of The Hellions is now available.