Recycled Satanic Panic 3: Displaced Anxiety and Role Playing

Twitter thread found here This was also an extemporaneous thread, rather than pre-composed, so this post will correct any egregious lack of clarity. Twitter is my first draft.

Another way conspiracy displaces real anxiety

Oregon’s fires have a LOT to do with power lines. But it’s easier to blame (and try to shoot) Others.

Social media disinformation on US west coast blazes ‘spreading faster than fire’ | Oregon | The Guardian

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Recycled Satanic Panic 2: The myth of Stranger Danger & (white, child) Trafficking

Twitter thread, found here (minor grammatical fixes included for clarity. The twitter thread was an off-the-cuff first draft, not polished.)

1) It applies WAY more to the guys at Home Depot you hire for $30/day to tear out the weeds, not children.
2) And the women who sew all the cheap crap you wear.
3) And the people who pick your vegetables.
4) And teens thrown out of their parents’ home & forced into sex work to eat.

An anonymized NextDoor thread spreading fear that children shouldn’t be outside, lest they be abducted.
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Recycled Satanic Panic 1: Q, Child Abuse, Conspiracy Theories & Anxiety

Original Twitter thread found here

The single class of people most likely to sexually abuse a child: their step-parent.

The call is coming from inside the house, not the elected official 10 states away.
The person your kid didn’t trust but you married anyway?
About that…

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Babylock Ellegante BLG Beeps Forever In A Boot Loop

A Babylock Ellegante is a former top of the line sewing-embroidery machine. I think it debuted around 2008, and apparently, it was… well, it was First of Its Name, and some people thought it was lemony.

I bought mine used in 2015, and I admit there are times it has behaved oddly. Most of these have actually been user error, when I finally figured out what was happening. But it’s no worse behaved than most machines I’ve owned.

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I appear to have blown up my Twitter

I don’t think I’m banned, I don’t think I’m in jail. They sure haven’t sent me any email telling me I was naughty. I updated my email address and… well…

I can like stuff. I can post from my alt accounts. Just not post from main. So… we’ll see if it resolves over the next couple days.

Until then, here’s my alt: @Galantier1

That one is private, and has spoilers for Rebellion. Of course, the whole of Rebellion has been out for 2 years as of December, and you can buy the whole series for under $8.

May I offer escapist fun?

Fresh-milled Flour Baking – the Pullman Pan Recipe

A chicken salad sandwich, cut on the diagonal, made with this recipe’s bread

My time in a Mormon community doesn’t show very often, but it was during my formative years. All of my friends were Mormon; almost all of their parents kept a large supply of emergency supplies (the year’s supply).

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One Piece Mask Pattern and Tutorial

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4c0d.jpgThis will be the basis for the vacuum cleaner bag pattern, but THIS mask can be made now, with cotton (for maximum laundering potential) to use as a stand-alone community mask, or as an N95 mask cover to help extend the life of masks for medical personnel.

The vacuum bag pattern will not be sewn.

Sewing through a vacuum bag destroys its structural integrity by introducing around 200 .5mm to .7 mm holes into fabric that’s supposed to filter down to .01 microns. A millimeter is 1000 microns, so a hole .5 mm wide permits 50,000 .01 micron particles to march through abreast. Don’t do it!

Do not waste bags learning this, because the supply chain for vacuum bags is smaller than the supply chain for medical masks and construction masks.

This also applies to any medically recommended fabric, like surgical drapes. Don’t put holes in them unnecessarily. If your hospital system is asking for sewists to make masks from drapes, follow their directions precisely.

And if you notice something is wrong, like they’re asking you to poke holes into mask fabric, speak up! Just because a doctor is an expert at medicine doesn’t make them an expert in materials science! They’re tired, they’re overworked, so be their extra eyes and safety check. Continue reading “One Piece Mask Pattern and Tutorial”

Jersey Headband Tutorial


Elastic is now in short supply, and medical workers have noted that their ears cannot support masks all the time. The elastic is rubbing them raw, or the cartilage in their ears is breaking down and folding.

A cotton-Lycra jersey headband is like a wide, athletic headband for a mask — it can be worn low on the neck or above a bun/pony tail, or anywhere in between. It’s at least 2 inches wide, so it distributes the weight and tension to the entire skull instead of just on the ears. Think of it as a yoga waistband for a mask.

The problem with this is not all knit fabrics are suitable for this application. The fabric must have excellent recovery and 4 way stretch, so that the mask fits tightly to the wearer’s face. Continue reading “Jersey Headband Tutorial”