Red Pepper – Sriracha Hummus Recipe

Per request from Twitter


  • 250 ml water

  • 1 tsp garlic powder or 1 TB smashed garlic

  • 1 tsp ground cumin (or more, to taste)

  • 1 tsp bouillon powder or Better than Bouillon or cube (chicken, chicken-tomato or vegetable) —
  • CORRECTION: use 1 Tablespoon of bouillon powder/BtB instead (unless you’re on a low sodium diet or really dislike the taste of salty-umami.)

  • 90 grams besan (chickpea) flour

  • 80 gram tahini

  • 2 TB/30 ml lemon juice

  • 2 roasted red peppers (canned is fine, fresh is brilliant)

  • 1-4 TB/ 15-60 grams sriracha
  • Olive oil


  • large sauce pan
  • whisk
  • immersion blender (optional) or cutting board & knife


Bring water to simmer in a larger saucepan.

Whisk in garlic powder/smashed garlic, ground cumin, bouillon.

Gradually add the besan, whisking well.

Whisk until smooth, keep stirring until it bubbles like mud in a hot spring – little explosions every few seconds.

Remove from heat.

Whisk in tahini until combined.

Add 2 roasted red peppers, either chopped very fine or mashed/puréed (or you can use an immersion blender).

Whisk in lemon juice.

Add 15 grams/1 TB of Sriracha; taste. IT WILL GET HOTTER AS IT SETS UP. My personal normal is 30 grams of Sriracha.

Put into a bowl, drizzle with good olive oil. It’s best warm; will keep in fridge for up to 2 weeks, or 2-3 days if kept covered & in the coolest spot available.

Why I’m shifting to Biden

‪(Originally a twitter thread)

At this point, I care way more about Congress, state and local elections. We can’t afford to lose any seats, and we have to flip state houses & governors. We’ve got redistricting coming up. We can’t afford a midterm slump in 2022, either.‬

‪That means we need to have someone good at coalition building, who gets the 50 state strategy. Team player. And that has never been Bernie, not once in his life. It’s not how he works, not how he views politics.‬

Bernie’s a bomb thrower. He’s most effective when he’s on the outside, holding ground for the left flank of the Overton window. He’s only got a 20% pass rate on his legislative amendments, and his amendments were the first to get cut. Doesn’t make him a bad man, just an outsider.‬ (And we need this push from both outside and inside the party.)

‪Historically, and internationally, outsider candidates don’t make good executives, because they’ve spent so much of their time being against the machine, they’ve never learned to operate the machine. And government is an enormous machine that kills when not run well.‬

‪We have lost ground, in terms of rights and civil liberties; in international standing; in our very sense of security. What we all want, at least at an emotional level, is to not have to worry about how our government is fucking over someone.

‪We’re never getting that back.‬

In geriatrics care, the goal when someone checks into a hospital or rehab unit is for the patient to leave with the same level of function.‬
‪That goal is aspirational. Most people do lose some muscle mass, cognitive function, or both. ‬
‪We’ve been in the hospital for 37 months. ‬

‪I wish we could pick back up where we were on January 16, 2017, but there’s a whack of a lot of legislation we have to unpick; we have a massive legislative task in that we have to codify all of the norms we just took for granted.‬
‪And a gigantic criminal investigation.‬
‪And overlapping infrastructure problems.‬

We have lost function, and we have to rebuild it, not just leap over it. We are traumatized. All of us.‬
‪One of the steps for recovery will be if we see justice done, and that’s got to be the biggest question going forward for both candidates.‬
‪We need Truth & Reconciliation, not pretending it didn’t happen.‬

Neither Biden nor Sanders have made strong stands on this, and I don’t actually trust either one to manage it well. Biden’s been mushy, and Bernie is laser focused on pushing onwards.‬
‪But ask anyone who ever tried to push through an injury how that worked.‬

‪It’s like we’re on a remote trail together, us and Bernie & Joe. We rolled our ankle. Bernie keeps telling us there’s a great water fall and first aid station just two hills over; Joe didn’t see us stumble so he’s oblivious. ‬
‪Neither of these are ideal.‬

Bernie’s not wrong — we can’t stay on the trail while we wait for an ankle to heal. We have to go forward to the waterfall & first aid. But we can’t go in the condition we’re in. And it won’t get better pretending it didn’t happen. ‬

But there is an option. There’s a big machine by the side of the trail. Think janky old bulldozer or snowcat, something that Monkeywrenchers have Molotov cocktailed. It’s not in good shape, and Bernie admits that he might know something about those Molotov cocktails.‬ (I’m very specifically talking about Bernie’s antipathy towards the Democratic Party, and my uncertainty of his position on the concept of whether federal law is a ceiling or a floor, and where states and sovereigns come into that.)

But the machine will run. It’s not going to be easy, and it’s going to be dangerous. We need it to do things it wasn’t intended to do, things it couldn’t do before the damage. Joe’s pretty sure he can get it running, and has driven one before. ‬

‪(Personally, I want any of the people with the first aid kits, but y’all have been voting them off the island.)‬
‪So the question is: we have this machine. It will not run right, not right now. It’s been badly damaged, too.‬
‪Who is better at driving it?‬

At this point, I think that’s Joe. I’m not happy about it, and we will ALL have to hold him in the fire until he promises (and follows through with) criminal investigations, but we know we can get that from him, because now’s he’s got an M4A plan. It’s not great, but it’s better than it was.‬ He can be moved.

‪Bernie, on the other hand? It’s taken 4.5 years to get him to make a mealy mouthed reprimand of his supporters. He’s never apologized for the rape fantasy article. (That needs to happen.) He sees race & misogyny as offshoots of class warfare, & so minimizes them, because he’s never experienced them.‬
(And his failure to reprimand his supporters is strategic — please see this article that explains the 30% strategy.)

And recently? His attacks on the media can be sung to the Fake News tune. The automated, small dollar donations are a big problem. The not a PAC but acts like a PAC (Our Revolution) is a big problem. And the fact that Russia sees him as a chaos agent & Trump wants to run against him… Big problems.‬

‪Simple rule of thumb here: if Trump wants it, it’s probably bad for democracy and everyone who isn’t named Trump.‬
‪More importantly: I’m not seeing local & state election coat tails with Bernie. His movement isn’t paying attention to District Attorney elections or State house reps.‬

And his supporters are not voting in down ballot races — we saw this in 2016, where a county would have 500K presidential votes and 150K for County Board of Supervisors. There was a correlation. (If you need to understand why County government matters — please go watch Trials of Gabriel Fernandez.)‬

Local government matters WAY, WAY, WAY more to daily quality of life and your access to your civil rights. Your county clerk determines if, how & where you vote. Your County Sheriff sets policing policy & culture, because most cops get their first job at the county level. (See: Joe Arpaio & Maricopa County)‬

Gentrification? That’s your town & county giving incentives & declaring blight. Churches proselytizing to your kids at school? That’s your school board. Potholes? City Council. Access to vaccines without insurance? County Public Health department. This stuff matters. ‬

And down ballot often means voting for someone who is kinda moderate. Local elections are not the place to trot out your purity pony, because seriously, whooping cough doesn’t give a single fuck about IMF policy, weed legalization, or even property tax structure.

Bernie would have been okay in 2016, because we were in a better place then. The fact that he hasn’t recognized how much damage we’ve taken since then is one reason he’s never been my candidate.
Joe does realize it, and that knowledge is unspeakably valuable.

I might change my mind, but here’s what it would take:‬
‪Bernie takes a strong stand on his supporters being abusive. He would need to get very granular – knock it off with the snakes, for example.
‪Bring Warren — and her plans — on board. Because Bernie has ideas, not plans.‬ He needs a detail person.
More listening, less shouting.
That last? I should also ask for a pony.

Open beta call, for Rebellion readers

There’s a new story coming out soon that’s something that happened off-screen for the focal characters, and is a bridge to the next series (November).

It’s novella length, and spoiler-free if you’ve made it into Wisdom’s Fire. If you want to see it in embryonic form, come tag me on twitter at @CZEdwards, or leave a comment with your email address. I’ve got moderation on, so I’m the only one who will see your email address. Or email me at czedwards @

This sneak peek will end… probably soon. No later than middle of July 2019. Therefore, if you wanna see how the sausage is made, now is the time.

After Exit: Sick Systems & Repairing the Damage

Originally a Twitter thread, found here. Minor editing, spelling & reformatting in this version.

Putting on my behaviorist hat for a thread. Our popular narrative arcs tell us that the story ends when we successfully escape the monster, defeat the corrupt government, flee the abuse, walk free of oppression.

This is where we end stories.

Our narratives lie to us. We are not made whole when the narrative ends. The conclusion of one lifecycle of narrative spawns the next. We move from the resolution into the next origin story, and as we proceed into the next cycle, we carry with us the damage, and skills, we gained in our previous cycle.

If you walked away from something that keeps people trapped in dysfunction, congratulations! Maybe you survived your parents’ divorce. Maybe you survived them staying together. Someone cruel who exercised their power over you, in college or a job. Your own marriage. A church. Continue reading “After Exit: Sick Systems & Repairing the Damage”

Cardiac Cells and How Communities Can Learn to Beat Again.

Expanding on a twitter thread found here:

Let’s talk about cardiac cells.

You know we can grow them in a Petri dish? When they’re alone, they just twitch. But if they’re touching? They start beating together. It’s What They Do.

Hearts are simple.

They’re just muscle pumps.

It’s why we can yank & reinstall if we have parts.

Cardiac cells are kinda cool because of the ion channel stuff, but they’re really basic, and there’s a reason they’re early in fetal development. They’ve got to get organized early, but when a “fetal heartbeat” is detectable? It’s a streak of flutter. It fits on a pinky nail.

With lots of room to spare. Continue reading “Cardiac Cells and How Communities Can Learn to Beat Again.”

Generational Theory, As Exemplified by The Avengers (MCU)

This was originally a Twitter thread, posted on 22 APR 02019.

Changes from the Twitter version: Lightly edited or re-expanded from the original text, linked to sources, and notes.

To an extent, Generational Theory is bullshit. There are no dividing lines between people born in, say, 1944 versus 1946.

Their experiences, if they are of the same race, nationality, gender, class, and socioeconomic status, are likely to be far more similar than different.

But that similarity is primarily the effect of all of the other axes.

Growing up in abject rural poverty versus extremely affluent, urban Old Money Knickerbocker society is a bigger divide, even if both people were born on the exact same day.

Generational Theory exists primarily as a marketing tool, and as media frame, because it’s easier to market goods & services to generally similar groups of people.

Generational Theory is also the result of homogeneity in media markets that evolved in the mid 20th century. Continue reading “Generational Theory, As Exemplified by The Avengers (MCU)”

Rebellion links and synopses: The Starter Pack

Let me make it easy to find all of my published work.

(Warning: Spoilers.)

I strongly suggest using Smashwords rather than ‘zon. It’s not that I get paid better from Smashwords (though I do), it’s that .epub is a better format. (For details why, go here: Rien’s Rebellion – Tech Specs ) Also, .epub works far better in Apple Books, which is a superior reader app.

Rien’s Rebellion: Kingdom

Once upon a time, a nations fate depended on an informant, a lawyer, and a warrior.

They all lived under a good Monarchs leadership. 

Until he was assassinated. Continue reading “Rebellion links and synopses: The Starter Pack”

A Craft Demonstration on Constructed Language

I was PLANNING to #amwriting in my cave.

But SOMEONE failed to properly charge the hardware overnight. (That would be me. Sherlock would be convinced I’m drunk, but nope, just nearsighted.) I have just plotted a NEW swerve, but it’s gonna percolate.

Instead, a craft lesson.

This is how I write. It’s a way to write. It’s not necessarily the way everyone should write. But it’s how I do it, and I’m willing to break it down using my own (OMG I’m So Sorry) old drafts.

Continue reading “A Craft Demonstration on Constructed Language”

Rien’s Rebellion: Kingdom Ch 1 – Constructed Language

What follows is an example of Rien’s Rebellion as published, specifically to illustrate the evolution of the constructed language of Galantier. This is purely because I have access to my own drafts and the decisions that drove the evolution of Rebellion from Disney Princess Plays Virginity Porn with Robin Hood into … what it is.

As a reminder: the finished version of Rien’s Rebellion is available at Smashwords and Amazon, and I’m always delighted to have new readers.

As the tweeted article points out, the constructed language is bold and textual world building is (individual words in) italic. (Thoughts are also in italic. Sorry.)

Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion: Kingdom Ch 1 – Constructed Language”

Early Draft: Rien’s Rebellion 1st Chapter 2005-2008

What follows is an example of Rien’s Rebellion in development, specifically to illustrate the evolution of the constructed language of Galantier. This is purely because I have access to my own drafts and the decisions that drove the evolution of Rebellion from Disney Princess Plays Virginity Porn with Robin Hood into … what it is.

As a reminder: the finished version of Rien’s Rebellion is available at Smashwords and Amazon, and I’m always delighted to have new readers.

As the tweeted article points out, the constructed language is bold and textual world building is (individual words in) italic. (Thoughts are also in italic. Sorry.)

Continue reading “Early Draft: Rien’s Rebellion 1st Chapter 2005-2008”