Rien’s Rebellion 01 -26 Festivis 1137 Ragin


26 Festivis, 1137, seven days after Midwinter

“Find them!” I roared. “Get the Ingeniae Corps on it. Observers better be pulling puissance within four minutes!” I pointed at two runners in the hall outside my office. “You, Outriders — they’ll have their directions at the stable. You, summon a security detachment.”

My uncle Vohan, Razin of Galantier, was late returning to Northwest Border One, my garrison. Only an hour, but that’s half too much. The Monarch of Galantier travels with outriders and three carriages — if one breaks, it’s left behind. If the Razin becomes incapacitated, an outrider on a fast horse proceeds to the destination for assistance.

He’d spent the seventh, eighth and ninth days of this progress he’d usurped from my cousin at Western Two; this morning, the heliograph reported that he’d left on time to come north again. Given his security detachment of twenty heavy cavalry, two dozen guards, fast horses, good carriages and his ingeniae, he shouldn’t be late.  Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 01 -26 Festivis 1137 Ragin”

Rien’s Rebellion: Incitement Winter 1129 Quin

Incitement: Winter, 1129


I never should have come, I should have stayed in the field.

I pulled my collar tighter as I ducked through a torrent of icy rain overflowing the Karsai’s gutters. The Reception Hall felt no warmer than the street, but a marble room the size of a tosca-ball field just can’t be warmed, not without enough fire to blacken every wall in a half-hour.

Worse, there was a line. There’s always a line when you’re impatient. A slow line. I blew on my hands and studied the  bas-reliefs of events and people most Galantierans barely remember.  Could we build this today? Would we bother? Impressive as the Karsai is, Galantier doesn’t need a cube of marble covering two acres.  A millennium ago, the Founders feared another black rain, but now…

This tenday’s bitter, freezing rain wasn’t mostly ash, but I understood why the Founders commissioned this fortress. I craved shelter, too. I can’t, I won’t do it, but I can’t get out of this alone. Bright god of the sun and holy mother of wisdom, send me somebody who’ll listen.  Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion: Incitement Winter 1129 Quin”

Rien’s Rebellion – Overview – README

Elevator pitch – The West Wing, if it were set in Westeros.

Action heroes experience some serious trauma. It’s not easy to beat up the bad guys and walk away unscathed. Even if that hero has really good reasons for putting their opposition in the vitamix, the hero still has to go home, look at their loved ones, look at themselves, and heal. That leaves marks on bodies and psyches.

The real heroes in those stories are the civil servants — the 911 operators who take the calls, the beat cops who get the civilians out of the way, the firefighters and EMS who handle the immediate emergency, the FEMA admins who get the money to get the destroyed buildings rebuilt, the social workers who handle the post-event trauma. The people who are doing the job of keeping civilization ticking. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion – Overview – README”