Galantier Errata



Rien’s Rebellion

Book I: Kingdom

Once upon a time, a nation’s fate depended on an informant, a lawyer, and a warrior.

They all lived under a good Monarch’s leadership. 

Until he was assassinated.

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Book II: Repudiation and Refuge

Galantier is fracturing under the weight of old enmities and rivalries. The world Rien’s father built for her is crumbling.

Book III: The Committed Ones

If Galantier is to survive, everyone must understand the commitments they have made to one another and the land of their birth.

Book IV: Wisdom’s Fire

The idea of war and the practice of it are as different as the idea of justice and the practice of law. Mending a broken state starts with mending broken lives.

Book V: Redemption and Revolution

However badly Savrin governs Galantier, he is the last of Galene’s line and Galantier’s Prava lacks the will to challenge him. As the kingdom loses its direction and purpose, Rien and Laarens must bring the war to restore the legacy and administer the promise their ancestors made to Galantier’s refugee founders and a new generation of asylum-seekers. 

Book VI: Foundation

Galantier faces a battle for its future: If Savrin defeats Rien, the Dissolution comes and Galantier as it has been for a thousand years will cease. If Rien claims victory, Galantier will be reborn. No matter who wins, nothing will ever be the same. 

The Hellions

Book I: From Time’s Ashes

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The war for Galantier was not as simple as a successful siege. Now a year and a half into Cazerien’s reign, her people are reckoning with new and old scars and crimes. The corruption that almost broke the nation must be excised if Galantier can heal.

Short Stories & Novellas

To Believe in Mathematics (Rebellion 4.5)

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Cedri never doubted the Lady of the Dreams.





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