Rebellion – Character List

In Order Of Appearance

Ragin Revinsel – Diat Ascendar of Galantier. Second in line for the throne. General and commander of Northwest Border One garrison. Biological son of Mathes Picarem. Adopted son of Vohan, Razin of Galantier. Cousin to Rien and Savrin; adopted brother to Rien. Does not use formal name in most circumstances.

Paval quan Bruckides – Justiciar Advocate General in the Galantieran Army. Assigned to Northwest Border One. The fourth son of Teregenitor Bruckides.

Cazerien dat Vohan – Prima Ascendara of Galantier. First in line for the throne. Only biological child of Vohan, Razin of Galantier. One of thirteen High Justiciars for Galantier’s legal system, the Judicatura. Formerly a Crown Advocate for the Ministry of Women and Children. Called Rien by intimates. Cousin to Ragin and Savrin.
Formal, full given name: Cazerien Alzandra Lyria dat Vohan et Alnora, Prima Ascendara Galanterra.

Avah Selenar – Rien’s legal partner, companion, secretary and assistant. Second daughter of Teregenitor Selenar. Formerly a Crown Counselor for the Ministry of Women and Children.

Savrin Pinuvar, Savrin Sator Lethis – Tret Ascendar of Galantier. Third in line for the thone. A priest of Lethis. Only child of Bellacera, the late Prazia Royal of Galantier. Cousin to Rien and Ragin.

Efan Werev – Chancellor of Galantier under Vohan. Rien’s mentor.

Vohan, Razin Galantier – 1090-1137. Rien’s father, Ragin and Savrin’s uncle, Ragin’s adoptive father. Brother to Bellacera and Mathes Picarem. Married Alnora al-Sadi, daughter of the Sadi of Farenze, in 1112. Reigned 1112-1137.

Bellacera dat Ardenis, Prazia Royal – 1091-1131. Uncrowned Razia with her brother. Undeclared regent of Galantier 1111-1112. Mother of Savrin. Married to Pronator Wulvar Pinuvar, 1112-1113.

Reginal Tiwendar – Third Teregenitor of Tiwendar. Elected Optimus of the Prava 1127. Assumed Tiwendar seat on father’s demise in 1113. Married Mathilde Byssus (1090-1124) in 1108. Father to Quin and Maderie (1119-1124).

Mathes Picarem – Teregenitor Picarem. Second son and third child of Ardenis, Razin of Galantier. Half-brother to Vohan and Bellacera. Biological father of Ragin Revinsel. Barred from succession to throne of Galantier by Ardenis. Prenceps by courtesy.