Rien’s Rebellion 31 – 29 Storis 1138 Rien


29 Storis 1138

In the morning, we returned to the office to work on Teregenia Silvalt’s case. I left the Company file on our table; Bran had mentioned he was staying at the Belleview, and I’d invited him to a late supper. No need to drag him out in a Wet ice storm when I could deliver his passcard. As for his survivor or partner or whatever the mysterious Quin Byssus was, Avah dropped the subject and I wouldn’t resurrect it. Bran could tell me what that man meant to him any time.

Avah disappeared at midday — another session with the tooth Healer — and my office grew cluttered as marked books accumulated on my worktables and floor. I shoved a stack of genealogies on the floor deeper under my desk and heard the odd sound of something rolling, then striking the wall. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 31 – 29 Storis 1138 Rien”

Rien’s Rebellion 30 – 28 Storis 1138 Rien


28 Storis 1138

The next several days passed quietly, but satisfyingly, though the weather worsened. I would have preferred to work at the Belleview — a note on the door would have directed any surprise clients there — but carts couldn’t make it through the mud, and the sheer quantity of volumes meant we had to slog to them each morning instead of bringing them to us. We dove into the intricacies of  inheritance law, planning to submit the initial pleading to the Common Judicatura before Midwinter so opening arguments might be heard in late spring. Even if we won, Trensen would appeal, and the battle would begin. Linzara’s son might be fourteen or fifteen before we won unequivocally. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 30 – 28 Storis 1138 Rien”

Rien’s Rebellion 29 – 17-25 Storis 1138 Autumn Rien


17-25 Storis, 1138, Autumn

Rain poured down my window. Watching it sheet marginally interested me more than watching the plaster grow moss. Regarding weather, Uplanders say, if you don’t like it, wait five minutes or walk five miles. Not this year, though. Every few years, enough autumnal rain falls to fill the Green Sea. Next year, or the one after, would begin a decade of drought, but lucky me, I moved to the Uplands in The Wet. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 29 – 17-25 Storis 1138 Autumn Rien”

Rien’s Rebellion 28 – 18 Frumentis 1138 Ragin


18 Frumentis 1138

Not the best thoughts to be having as I picked up my post after a trip south. Letters from the various Patronae who run my langreves, one from Ethene at Haelens, and a thick one from Rien, as well as her regular daily messages. I shoved everything in my pocket, took my ruck to my cubicle, and sent my equerry for whatever the mess had available. Good thing about the small rooms assigned to Advocates — security through obscurity becomes necessity. Ryten and I had an agreement — he kept my office and left my quarters alone now.

I sat on my cot and cracked the seals, putting aside those needing reply and dropping the rest in the brazier. I saved the thick one for last, expecting it would require more of me. Not wrong, there. The sheets were covered in her spiky script, but just repeated her other four letters.

She considered whatever she had written secret. That explained the paper — heavy rag stuff that can stand a wetting, more cloth than paper. The backs of each sheet were blank. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 28 – 18 Frumentis 1138 Ragin”

Rien’s Rebellion 27 – Summer 1138 Ragin


Summer 1138

Paval and the General sent me out almost continually after that. According to my orders, I was supposed to be observing courts martial, and indeed I did, but that was an excuse. My point in being the circuit observer for the Justiciars General was to build my net. Roaming the border let me chat with every commander. I didn’t ask much — just to take the Spagnian threat very seriously.

“Kavin, you paid much attention to this new Minister of War?” I asked after an old friend and I had pleased each other a few times. It was good to tumble, especially good without an echo of take your time, it an’t a race between my ears. But the miracle was in the simple, uncomplicated desire, of having nothing to prove or lose or have taken except what my partners and I offered each other. It wasn’t love, but now there was joy, and calm, and bone-deep affection for my comrades instead of need and self-disgust and shame. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 27 – Summer 1138 Ragin”

Rien’s Rebellion 26 – Archilia’s Day to Autumn 1138 Rien


21 Orcharis to Frumentis 1138 

I went directly to the library after a restorative cold bath. That was not my first sleepless night, nor would it be my last, and given sufficient fondal and not using my ingeniae, I’m good for a sleepless night or two. I worked through the cool early morning and into the afternoon, until well after the Conversatory started coming back to life.

A festival is leisurely or frenetic, depending on how one takes it. One could sleep, read, eat and fritter away the tenday, dance or otherwise occupy oneself until dawn, but invariably, summer festivals run through the night and people sleep through the heat of the day. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 26 – Archilia’s Day to Autumn 1138 Rien”