Rien’s Rebellion 36 – 29 Storis 1138 Bran


29 Storis, 1138

“Bran.” The voice came out of the dark and between my ears, though both were muddy and vague. At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks, too much brandy and brooding.


No, it’s real, I decided, and shot upright. In the blackness of the storm, there was a shape just beyond the garden wall. Tall and thin, swathed in a pale coat. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 36 – 29 Storis 1138 Bran”

Rien’s Rebellion 35 – 29 Storis 1138 Rien


29 Storis, 1138

Time refused to behave. Committing murder probably took moments of clock time, but part of me would never leave those few seconds. I can’t make myself live from one second to the next when time itself won’t cooperate. Hundreds of thoughts wanted my immediate attention. My skin itched where the blood dried.

My heart started to pound — the panic always comes after — and amazingly, my mind helped. You should apologize to Danna Grenlin. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 35 – 29 Storis 1138 Rien”

Rien’s Rebellion 34 – 29 Storis 1138 Bran


29 Storis, 1138

“I hate being out alone,” I sang under my breath, trying to find the tune, though that was exactly what I was doing, standing in the falling slush under near-black skies, and trying to clear my head of used passion-flower smoke and brandy fumes. “I hate the cold. I hate ice storms. I hate mud and snow and I hate Zara’s evil brother.” Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 34 – 29 Storis 1138 Bran”

Rien’s Rebellion 33 – 29 Storis 1138 Rien


29 Storis, 1138

The room was black before I returned to it. I don’t know where my mind went after the man fell, but my face was wet and something distant hurt. My throat burned — tears or vomit. If I screamed, someone would have come. Night’s fallen. I sat in the dark, holding my companion’s body, her murderer on the floor beside us. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 33 – 29 Storis 1138 Rien”

Rien’s Rebellion 32: 23-28 Storis 1138 Ragin


23 Storis, 1138

I’d forgotten my scheduled tenday leave. Generals don’t get them, but Advocates must rest their Ingeniae. The border had been busier than expected, and given the choice of staring at my walls or taking the time, I wanted away.

If I rode hard, I’d make Celestan in two days. I’d have to stop overnight, but Watable lay in the path. I should talk to the Teregenitor while the Prava’s in autumn recess anyway. He’ll be home. I sent flash messages to him and Rien, then spent the afternoon ordering my files.

The heliograph officer on duty told me the Celestan station was out; they were getting a storm, but he had a reply from Watable. Rien won’t mind a surprise. Watable’s reply read, Best possible time. Women gone. Lethian Retreat. Thank the gods. See you tomorrow. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 32: 23-28 Storis 1138 Ragin”

Rien’s Rebellion 31 – 29 Storis 1138 Rien


29 Storis 1138

In the morning, we returned to the office to work on Teregenia Silvalt’s case. I left the Company file on our table; Bran had mentioned he was staying at the Belleview, and I’d invited him to a late supper. No need to drag him out in a Wet ice storm when I could deliver his passcard. As for his survivor or partner or whatever the mysterious Quin Byssus was, Avah dropped the subject and I wouldn’t resurrect it. Bran could tell me what that man meant to him any time.

Avah disappeared at midday — another session with the tooth Healer — and my office grew cluttered as marked books accumulated on my worktables and floor. I shoved a stack of genealogies on the floor deeper under my desk and heard the odd sound of something rolling, then striking the wall. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 31 – 29 Storis 1138 Rien”

Rien’s Rebellion 30 – 28 Storis 1138 Rien


28 Storis 1138

The next several days passed quietly, but satisfyingly, though the weather worsened. I would have preferred to work at the Belleview — a note on the door would have directed any surprise clients there — but carts couldn’t make it through the mud, and the sheer quantity of volumes meant we had to slog to them each morning instead of bringing them to us. We dove into the intricacies of  inheritance law, planning to submit the initial pleading to the Common Judicatura before Midwinter so opening arguments might be heard in late spring. Even if we won, Trensen would appeal, and the battle would begin. Linzara’s son might be fourteen or fifteen before we won unequivocally. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion 30 – 28 Storis 1138 Rien”