Early Draft: Rien’s Rebellion 1st Chapter 2005-2008

What follows is an example of Rien’s Rebellion in development, specifically to illustrate the evolution of the constructed language of Galantier. This is purely because I have access to my own drafts and the decisions that drove the evolution of Rebellion from Disney Princess Plays Virginity Porn with Robin Hood into … what it is.

As a reminder: the finished version of Rien’s Rebellion is available at Smashwords and Amazon, and I’m always delighted to have new readers.

As the tweeted article points out, the constructed language is bold and textual world building is (individual words in) italic. (Thoughts are also in italic. Sorry.)

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Twitter, Write.as, using your words.

Most of my nattering is on Twitter now (@CZEdwards, follow me!) because that’s where people say things that make me wonder just how often they fell out of trees onto their heads as children. But that usually prompts me actually write something on the social/psych/behavioral side, or at least go digging statistics and documentation to refute.

And then I get about 50 new people on my block list because my patience for ass millinery (Hats for asses) seems to get shorter every year. It’s an all-around win.

The big issue is that I don’t like this interface (which isn’t what you see here). I’ve never really liked the WordPress app, I don’t like writing live on wordpress through the web interface and…

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The Rebellion Has Moved To Book II

IMG_2496Books are live, and they are going to kill me.

But we knew that, because that’s why I’m publishing these babies. Publishing them is actually selfish on my part. It’s been hard to write other things – or even the next Galantier cycle* — without locking these down. If I wasn’t pushing them, I’d still be f***ing with them.

*Yes, there are more stories. At least 3 cycles — no idea how many books — right now, and seeds for a couple more after that. It’s a big world, with a lot that needs fixing.

The good news

Book II is out and you can buy it!

Rien’s Rebellion: Repudiation & Refuge

Razin Vohan’s death should have put his daughter, Cazerien, on the throne of Galantier. He spent her entire life preparing her for the day she would become Razia.

Some on the Prava had other plans. Instead of approving the succession, they chose her half-cousin, Savrin sator Lethis, a priest of the god of death.

Galantier is fracturing under the weight of old enmities and rivalries. The world Rien’s father built for her is crumbling.

This one is not free, but it’s $2.99.



At this point: Please buy from either Smashwords or Amazon.** Those are the two where I have the most control over the format file, and I know that both of those will work on most devices. I’ve gotten a report that the Kobo Store’s file is broken beyond reading. I’m really sorry about that. I don’t know what they did, and I don’t have a relationship with them.

I don’t do affiliate links.

**As soon as I’ve made Apple happy, you’ll be able to get it there, too, but Apple wants to grow up to be a bank, so they make producers jump through more hoops.

Book III comes out on October 1.

Rien’s Rebellion: The Committed Ones

Laarens is alone in the world. Rien is dead, Savrin has become fully Mathes’ puppet. Laarens may be the only remaining Ascendar, but he knows his life is cheap and getting cheaper.

At least, that’s what Rien needs Laarens to believe. She’s gambling both their lives on the lie that the two bodies found in her burnt office were Avah’s and her own. Avah is dead, but Rien has barely escaped with her life.

Nine years before, at Rien’s Elevation, Quin Tiwendar swore his life to Rien’s service, then vanished. Now, reluctantly reunited with his liege, Quin and his partners offer Rien temporary shelter.

But if Galantier is to survive, everyone must understand the commitments they have made to one another and the land of their birth.

 See my author page from the links above.


The bad news

The Kobo Store version of Book II is corrupted. I’m not sure how, because if they’re just reselling the Smashwords epub, they wouldn’t have a problem. But it appears they reformatted something and this added strange and wrong page breaks? I don’t actually understand, because I don’t have a business relationship with them at all. I’m not actually sure how they got the file, but whatever they did, they broke it, because that’s not true for any other version.

So right now? I can’t recommend the Kobo store. Now, a Smashwords version will work on a Kobo, so I can strongly suggest using the Smashwords site as linked above.

I am working on it. Until then?

  1. If your copy is corrupted, please demand your money back from the vendor
  2. email me , tell me where you bought it, and what your device is, and I’ll send you a copy.

I don’t own every device and I don’t work with every store, but I am really trying to keep everything cross-platform and multi-device capable.

Have I got a yarn for you…

Hey, you.

psst. Yeah, you.

You like fantasy?

You like politics?

If it existed, would you watch the Westerosi version of The West Wing?

You’re in luck, because that’s what I’m giving away. A long story about a civil war and a government in crisis and the people fighting to keep their nation from falling apart.

The first book is free. It’s right here. I’m happy to share. Follow me on Twitter @CZEdwards for updates. Read my Author’s Notes for details.


Rien’s Rebellion Book One .epub (External site, Onehub download)

UPDATE: 24 AUG 2018: Smashwords download. Always free.

Rien’s Rebellion Book One .awz3 (Kindle, External site, Onehub download)

UPDATE 20 SEPT 2018: I didn’t set up an account with the Kobo store. I *think* that’s something Smashwords does, and it appears to be a problem because it appears that Kobo reformats the very well edited .epub and inserts pagebreaks and shit. This is a problem. (If it’s not something Smashwords does, then Kobo is stealing because I’m not getting paid by them.)

At this point, I’m still trying to get through to Kobo support 12 hours after being notified there’s a problem. I’m clearly not happy with this. I will be pulling whatever corrupted file they are distributing in my name. You should definitely demand your money back.

If you want .epub versions, get them from me, or from Smashwords. Those are the ones I know are fine. I am still working on Apple iBooks, which turned out to be massively more involved than anyone else. My email is on my About page above, or here.

Rien’s Rebellion – Foundation Specs

Rien’s world exists because of a vague idea I once had. When Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE, it only destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. But Mt Vesuvius has the potential to be a much worse eruption, then and now. It’s 150 miles/242km from Pompeii to Rome. Ash fell from Mount St Helens over 7 states. What if, instead of destroying two cities, Vesuvius destroyed Rome as an empire? What if Vesuvius went worst case scenario – a Mt Tambora or a Yellowstone caldera? When Yellowstone goes, there’s a good chance that Salt Lake City, Boise and Spokane will cease to exist, and Seattle, Denver and Portland may not be far behind. It’s 500 miles/800km from Denver to Yellowstone. Continue reading “Rien’s Rebellion – Foundation Specs”